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This is blog is one that I don’t use anymore

The one in use that has all my photographic work on Is:


Sorry !

Hello everyone!  I regret to say that i have been inactive for so long due to having a very poor wifi connection.


I shall start posting again now over the winter period,however ther ewill be times i shall be quiet due to having to do a lot of work for univeristy


Thank you ofr your understanding




I know I did promise that I would be on this a lot more documenting everything that happens in my journey to get through my degree, become a better photographer & cope with everything else. But now I promise to keep up to date on this with posting work and writing my thoughts


As I have said before I would post things on here about my own illness/disease whatever you wish to label it 

For 8 years I lived in a hell . Having the pain of my ankle being able to dislocate so easily I could stand up and it would slip out of place, causing such pain it was horrid. This all started from a very early age if I’m being honest, I had to fight with doctors whilst trying to convince them that there was something wrong me,not just in my head

After surgery to reconstruct the ligaments in my ankle I was sent to many different physiotherapists to see if they could help me get them strong but nothing seemed to work

finally I was sent to someone who knew what they were talking about

Joint Hypermobilty syndrome

A condition that effects every part of the body without you even knowing it. Because of this it’s hard for people to be diagnosed with the illness,causing hundreds of people to be left in pain and now knowing why 


Insperation ….

being a newbie photographer it can be hard.

You want to take photos of everything and anything 

I’ve gone from taking beauty shots to nature then ending up on automobile photography at the moment and this is what I can say on the subject .

As easy as it looks on adverts it really isn’t. You have so many things to make sure are perfect such as; the Lightning on the car so there’s not much of a reflection of anything, the angles are highlighted perfectly and that any embellishments,stickers or badges on the vehicle are shown

 But the challenge is half the fun !

#msco #manchestersubaruownersclub #hoodsmurf  

see you again Hello world of WordPress!!  After some brief time from this site I thought I'd give this another try. I shall being using this not only to post my work on to show off my skills but as well as things I write ,feelings, experiences and opinions  I shall also be posting my struggles with my chronic illness and information to do with it so that others by become aware about it  Merry part  Hoodsmurf 


A lot of people say university is that time of life were yiu find out who you really are, that may be true but it does one other thing, it tests your sanity

At this very moment I’m stuck working about 4 different  projects and trying to revise or an exam to 😧 which I’m slowly working through

But for the fact I’m working with headphones in, in the room at the end of the corridor and I can still hear my flatmate and her boyfriend  giggling at full volume -.- im not sure if they need a mute switch or have their mouths stapled shut

Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street

It's JPei

Since visiting Cherokee Street for the first time, I never would’ve thought that I’d be back for their biggest event of the year – Cinco de Mayo celebration! Thanks to some persuasion from Kara, I ended checking out the festivities last Saturday instead of studying for finals…and I don’t regret that decision one bit. It was lively, crowded, colorful, festive. Come walk through it with me…

Plenty of vendors & food booths were set up along the street. What a feast for the stomach and eyes:

Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street souvenirs

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TV is Dead, Long Live TV!

cinematically insane

seinfeld-jerry“That people will only watch television like this in the future is so obvious,” Jerry Seinfeld said this week at the Hulu upfront event for advertisers in New York City.

Seinfeld was talking about streaming of course, and his message was clear: subscription VOD services like Hulu will render traditional, live, linear channels obsolete, much as TV did to network radio in the 1950s. Like Jack Benny and Burns and Allen – who moved from radio to TV more than half a century ago  today’s shows will transition from broadcast and cable origination to on-demand, and the viewers will follow.

Seinfeld can be forgiven for hyperbole, considering that he was likely giddy over the bags of money Hulu is dropping on his doorstep in return for exclusive streaming of all 180 episodes of his 1989-98 NBC sitcom. But I think he’s wrong.

There’s no doubt that the TV paradigm is shifting, in a way that…

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